Carmel By The Sea

Like meeting a Lover on Cloud 9…Carmel by the Sea. Like the Sun renewing its eternal love for the Day…Carmel by the Sea. I did promise you a life of adventure and a home with the best view anywhere your heart desires. Like a heartbroken, anxious adventurer finding his joyful calm…Carmel by the Sea. Even […]

Carmel By The Sea

What’s In The Code?

Time for a bit of aviation trivia. What do you see when you look at this picture? Picture from World Airline News You might say the obvious description like the wings or the color. Perhaps you noticed some more minor details like the shape of the windows or an antenna. Did you happen to notice […]

What’s In The Code?

Basics of Adventure and Travel Photography: Composition and Lighting

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, explorer, adventurer writer, or just want to document your travels, the first thing you need to create stunning pictures is a solid understanding of composition and lighting. Composition and Lighting are the basic building blocks of Adventure and Travel Photography. Hi there, a newer version of this blog exists. One of […]

Basics of Adventure and Travel Photography: Composition and Lighting

13 Amazing Beer Spa Hotels You Need To Know About

Today, it’s no secret that beer enthusiasts enjoy traveling worldwide for beer-inspired vacations, or beercations, as they are often referred to.

There is a lot that you can do to discover a new destination. You can seek out local beers, tour breweries, and even search for restaurants with beer-laden recipes. However, a new activity to add to your docket is beer-inspired spa packages.

While many may not think of beer as a treatment for the skin, the benefits of beer for oily and dry skin are undeniable. Many beer staples, such as hops, barley, and malt, can benefit from a scrub. The increased circulation from a good beer scrub will leave the skin glowing, and the exfoliating properties of a beer scrub can help remove dead skin cells. And of course, there’s no better way to relax than with a cold beer after a long day.

Traveling to a beer spa is a great way to relax and enjoy a much-needed break from work and everyday life. With so much to do and see, you’ll leave any trip with a new appreciation for your destination and its beer culture. The top beer spas in the world offer unique ways to incorporate beer into your next beercation. Try one of these hotels for an unforgettable travel experience.

The Edgewater | Madison, WI

The Edgewater Hotel gathered inspiration from two specific beers from Wisconsin’s most treasured breweries. The New Glarus Brewing Company, Serendipity Massage, is completely inspired by the scrumptious fruit beer Serendipity. Using a specialized Cranberry Seed and Apple essential oil.

The Door County Brewery Silurian Stout Body Treatment starts with a Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Scrub featuring shea butter, sugar, and a kick of caffeine. Including Arabica bean extract, which is all reminiscent of the stout itself.

The Atlantic Resort & Spa | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Despite the fact that this luxurious hotel is on the beach, it is not necessary that your selections for libations are limited to sugary frozen drinks. Spa Atlantic at The Atlantic Resort offers a Signature Beer Treatment for beer drinkers. The treatment begins with an aromatic citrus body scrub with beer, followed by a body wrap with beer. Further including beer hair and scalp treatments. The wrap itself is totally immersed in locally-brewed beer and during the soak, guests enjoy local beer.

Hotel Metamorphis | Prague, Czech Republic

Hotel Metamorphic is a historic hotel in the Old Town of Prague. Offering a beer spa with a traditional beer bath. It’s time to soak in beer (made with high-quality Czech hops) for 30 minutes. As well as with an option to extend it for a relaxing massage resting on a heated bed. Best of all, you can sip as much unpasteurized Bernard beer as you’d like during your time in the spa.

Ritz-Carlton Denver | Denver, CO

The Microbrew Explore at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Denver incorporates beers from nearby Great Divide Brewing Co. A full body exfoliation uses hops and malt sugar to leave your skin clean and moisturized. The service strives to use the abundant beer extracts of invigorating live active yeasts and vitamins to rejuvenate and energize the skin. Finally the 75-minute session ends with a cold beer from one of Denver’s many fantastic breweries.

Four Seasons Resort | Vail, CO

The Amber Ale Foot Soak at the Four Seasons Resort in the scenic Rocky Mountains is ideal for spending an entire day skiing, boarding or hiking. The soak starts with a warm foot bath in fresh Amber Ale from nearby Crazy Mountain Brewing Company. Next, there’s a light exfoliation and a foot massage while enjoying a tasty Amber Ale. Additionally, the yeast from the beer bath promotes a purifying effect on the feet.

An option which takes the hot stone massage to the next level is the Brew & Renew Massage, which is a beer-infused version of their acclaimed hot stone massage. Instead of using stones, as you might expect, they use warmed beer cans instead.The treatment itself accompanies a cold beer for guests to enjoy after the massage is over. The hotel possesses incredible sea views and close proximity to some of the best restaurants in town as well as dozens of some of the most sought after shopping.

The Essex Culinary Resort & Spa | Burlington, VT

The Essex Culinary Resort & Spa in Vermont is equipped with a variety of services, including beer-infused body treatments. During the Body Brew, you have the opportunity to choose a beer that will then be incorporated into a house-made scrub. The scrub is also made with honey malt and salt to create optimal exfoliation. During the 50 or 80-minute session (the guest’s choice), a lotion made with honey oatmeal is applied in order to moisturize the skin.

Landhotel Moorhof | Franking, Austria

For example, this unconventional boutique Landhotel Moorhof in the Austrian town of Salzburg on the German border, has a classic European beer bath for visitors. Beer and yeast are normal remedies in European healthcare. Hence the spa boasts their soothing health benefits have been familiar for thousands of years. Visitors can soak in the warm beer within wooden barrel-like tubs. This treatment is believed to detoxify and cure skin ailments and pulsating circulation issues. Additionally, there is a built-in tap over the bath so you can drink on some brews while you soak.

JW Marriott | Grand Rapids, MI

It’s only appropriate that a city nicknamed “Beer City USA” would offer two beer-inspired spa services – the Brew Polish & Massage and a Brew Pedicure. Truly inspired by local beers from Founders Brewing Co. and Brewery Vivant. Guests can enjoy a 80 minute body scrub and an aromatherapy massage. Post-session, choose from any beer to completely unwind. The Brew Pedicure starts off with a warm beer foot-bath and then a hops and barley scrub to exfoliate. Lastly a cooling mask and rejuvenating massage all while enjoying a cold one.

Corinthia Hotel | Prague, Czech Republic

The five-star Corinthia Hotel offers a conventional, time-honored spa service – the beer bath. A mug of Czech beer starts off the treatment followed by a warm beer bath. On the whole, spending 30 minutes soaking in beer, warmed to 98 degrees. Throughout your time at the spa, visitors also get to enjoy as much beer as they desire. At the end of the day, you can choose from two beer-infused items to take home. Either beer-infused shampoo or shower gel and a soap.

The Lodge at Woodloch | Hawley, Pennsylvania

It is equally important to spend your time relaxing with the renew and brew spa services at The Lodge at Woodloch. A spa resort surrounded by scenic nature. The two beer treatments are inspired by beers from the beloved Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware. A 75-minute body polish is inspired by Dogfish Head’s Biere de Provence, which is an exfoliation of the body with hops, barley, lavender, and marjoram with an after-beer hand massage.

The Sebastian | Vail, CO

Now, the on-the-spot spa at Sebastian’s is a signature spa offering a variety of services. Mainly including a beer-themed pedicure. In fact, the Crazy Mountain Pedicure, named after a favorite local brewery, is the signature pedicure with a kick. A unique foot bath made with the brewery’s pale ale replaces milk in exfoliating and massaging the feet and legs. If you want, end with a polish color of your choice.

Hotel Suite Home | Prague, Czech Republic

Even beers originating from Krušovice are proudly made with Czech hops, malt, yeast and are infused with fresh oak tubs at Hotel Suite Home. The Spa Beerland room offers beer bathes for guests to bathe in while enjoying unlimited amounts of the brew to drink. After the soak, relax on a bed of wheat straw, which promotes nutritional intake of vitamin B-rich beer. Finally, snack on fresh, homemade beer bread while relaxing by the warm fireplace.

The Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort | Shawnee, PA

Lastly, The Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort is unquestionably a luxury hotel for beer aficionados who wish to take some time off with not just beer spa services, but an actual brewery on-site, ShawneeCraft Brewery. Next, scrubs and hair treatments are created with ShawneeCraft beer hops, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Specifically collected seasonally from their very own Shawnee Island Farm and other nearby sustainable farms.

15 Tips For Traveling In The 21st Century

Today, over one billion people travel each year, so it’s safe to say that most of us will be on the move at least once in our lives. This guide is for everybody who wants to go abroad without compromising on their security, health or comfort. You will find some useful advice that you can use on your next trip.

Make the preparations.

There are several things that you should do before your trip. Maybe you are going to meet your long-distance sweetheart for a romantic getaway or are about to discover the world with your family for the first time, but regardless of how far you are traveling, there are some things that ought to be done beforehand.

Visit your doctor for a general checkup.

Just like with any other important event, it’s very important to stay on top of your physical condition. That way, if something unexpected happens, you won’t have to deal with it at the most inappropriate moment.

1. As a rule, you’re going to need your passport on more trips these days as they check for more documentation before letting you through the airport. It’s not just flights and hotels that you need to worry about these days. Whether it’s paying for a restaurant bill or collecting your luggage, lots of countries now ask for ID before you can travel anywhere. If this is the first time you’ve traveled outside your home country, simply carrying all of your important documents could be enough. But as a rule, you should also know what should go in your hand-luggage and take certain precautions before traveling abroad to avoid any problems at airports such as prepared £100 notes or taking out insurance beforehand.
2. If traveling somewhere with more authoritarian government, it’s best to leave as little digital footprint as possible by disabling mobile data and WiFi from your device. If traveling somewhere with more authoritarian government, it’s best to leave as little digital footprint as possible by disabling mobile data and WiFi from your device – This will affect how fast you’ll get there but at least you won’t be hauled back home because of your Fiesta Bookings search history.
3. Keep all of your gadgets charged up ahead of time so no one has the excuse that they needed their phone to tell them where they were going or how to get around.
4. Sign up with a travel company. First and foremost, we recommend signing up for a travel company like Doing this will help you not only make sure all of your travels can be done without any hassle or hassles but also provide you with discounts on holidays and other vacations that might take place outside of just the destinations in Europe. The best part about signing up is that if at times there are unforeseen circumstances such as an emergency or problems booking flights later on, then you should be able to get in touch with the team who helped set everything up so they can check what’s going wrong and see what different options there might be. 5. Always book with a credit card. A credit card can come in handy for cases where you access your funds overseas. Transporting cash around the world is unsafe, which is why it’s always best to withdraw money from an ATM using a credit card, then use that money until the withdrawal has processed before withdrawing again.
6. Secure your debit and credit cards in your hotel room’s safe. It’s a good idea to not take them with you on the day of checking into a hotel room. You want to keep it as close as possible but still have access to them if need be.
7. Remember you always need to bring money when traveling abroad since most countries do not accept ATMs for foreign cards
8. Always be friendly and open-minded. Learn the words “Please,” “Thank You,” and “Wow!” in the native language of your destination country before arriving.
9. Travel smarter: book nonstop flights, order guide books ahead, plan itineraries in advance.

Pack clothes for casual/formal events.

Try to find the layering pieces, but also give yourself enough covering to be modest in one piece if you are visiting an area where it is traditionally seen as respectful. For men, I recommend one button-down shirt, a few t-shirts or polo’s that can dress up with casual pants or jeans to make them appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. If there are any special events planned during your stay abroad look for items that will go well together. Keep accessories light so you don’t take up too much room in your luggage! For women I recommend clothing choices like sundresses which work well at different times of day no matter what kind of event may come upon. You always want packing easy & stress free so keep these 5 items handy before traveling: 1) A change of clothes2) Underwear (Ladies underwear should not show either through sheer material panels on skirts, dresses, tops or maxi dress.)
You can never be too careful in this day and age when identity theft is at an all-time high. For instance, international-based thieves may try to skim your credit card information when you’re shopping abroad. Likewise, it’s essential that you don’t wear anything with pockets while traveling so that pickpockets won’t be able to steal your wallet. People will go the extra yard for clothes with pock

Today, over one billion people travel each year, so it’s safe to say that most of us will be on the move at least once in our lives. This guide is for everybody who wants to go abroad without compromising on their security, health or comfort. You will find some useful advice that you can use on your next trip.

What To Pack For Your Trip

I am not able to say what clothes you should pack because everyone has different preferences depending on how long your trip will be and what kind of weather conditions there might be during your travels overseas or around town along with personal style choices however I can recommend specific items.

1: Always pack light and dress in layers.
2: Make a packing list to familiarize with what clothes, beauty products, medications and emergency items you will need on the trip.
3: Bring your passport or travel document although most airline companies offer digital forms of identification for their passengers these days.
4: In case you experience long waits at border control it is best to be prepared beforehand by checking whether there’s a place near the airport where you can eat breakfast if necessary as not all airports have food kiosks or restaurants. Remember water!
5: Depending on how often your destination changes climates, bring overcoats for colder winter seasons and ensure that any articles of clothing are washed regularly since combining clean clothes from abroad with those from home might result in stains from sweat-inducing issues such as heavy humidity, body oils etc. The key is to condition them before storage as per the tag instructions.
6: Pack toiletries and your traveling essentials separately so that they won’t be mixed up.

Traveling has evolved in the 21st century. From booking your flights to arranging your accommodation, there are now many more ways to explore the world beyond just buying a ticket and boarding the plane. There are plenty of tips for all skill levels that can help you travel smarter in 2021-2022.

Some key things that have changed with the rise of new technologies is how we book our trips. Gone are those days where you would only be able to buy through one airline’s agent before trekking down to their office or calling them on the phone, determined not to leave without a seat reservation! Nowadays, travelers can book cruises, hotels and even compare prices for cars all from viewing online portals such as Fiesta Bookings.